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Jen and Andrew LaBar

Adventuring together since 2003

We came to Alaska in 2007 with no plans or goals except to explore the last frontier and not die.  We immediately fell in love with the magic of Alaska, the rugged, untamed wilderness and the acceptance of self supported lifestyles.  We traveled around the state for four years then landed in Healy. Jen is an animal lover through and through and the sled dog obsession began during their first winter when she took a job working for a long distance racing musher.  Andrew loves the iron dogs, aka snowmachines, and together we dream up adventures and make them reality.  We have done several multi-week trips and take camping in comfort very seriously.  We like to have a good time and enjoy showing others a good time too.

Rockin' Ridge Dogs

World's Most Awesome Dogs!


Introducing some of the world's most astounding athletes.  Born with the desire to pull and run, nothing matches the level of excitement and undeniable pure joy these Alaskan huskies have for running and pulling a sled.  This intense energy, known as controlled chaos during hook-up, can only truly be witnessed in person.  Our kennel got started in 2014 with a team of five and has been quickly growing since.  We have completed several mid distance races, the Copper Basin 300, the Yukon Quest 300 and the Two Rivers 200 & 100, where Jen was awarded the Veterinarian's Choice Award.  We are striving to enter the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest sometime in the future.  When not racing, we enjoy taking guests out on dog mushing tours, going on campouts with friends and finding new places to explore around the state.  In the summer, the dogs play around on our 80 acre property and join us on hikes. 

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